The strength and functionality of a structure can be tested virtually by structural analysis. Thus, the number of prototypes can be minimized and the failure of the manufactured product can be prevented. On the other hand, remarkable savings in material and manufacturing costs can be reached by optimizing a working product. Although structural analysis is mainly utilized in the design phase of a new product, it can also be applied to solve strength or functionality problems of an existing structure. We do also strength analyses required by authorities e.g. for lifting devices (CE marking).


If the structural loads or material properties are not known we will utilize the measurement, testing and laboratory knowledge of our cooperation partner.

Calculations based on analytical equations and formulae have still their place in structural analysis, but usually FEM calculation is used. Our FEM calculation tools are Femap with NX/Nastran, ADINA, FPIPE (piping stress analysis) and VVD (pressure vessels) which are used worldwide.